Some back story on how we began…

Celia Vine Marketing is excited to announce our rebranding to RISE Marketing! When I started Celia Vine Marketing just shy of ten years ago, it was a time when social media was quickly becoming an integral part of marketing communications strategies everywhere. In order to have a presence on Facebook, since there were no brand pages yet, many companies began to scoop up individual profiles. What I saw was that your individual profile included a custom URL and, in turn, that URL became part of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy by default. So, in starting a new company, I quickly realized that the name of the company would be a pillar to its strategy. Perhaps this is similar to how companies years ago had relied on the yellow pages for new customers to find them, thus the A and AA and AAA names came to surface, but I digress.

Celia Vine Marketing was derived from knowing I wanted a name that could serve as a persona, i.e. Calvin Klein, Kate Spade, or Vera Bradley. It also had to be distinctive, something that no one else had. The lists started rolling, similar to that of when you are looking for names for a new baby – only this time, I had to choose the perfect last name as well. Vine immediately stood out to me as it was simple, strong, connotated growth, and it was not very popular as a traditional last name. On to the first name. This was a personal decision – having conceded to my husband’s first choice when we named our daughter, now was my chance to use my first choice, Celia (and yes, I will say I think my daughter would be happy that I conceded at the time as Celia just does not fit her!). Celia Vine was born. I quickly got to work building the Celia Vine Marketing presence and scooped up,,, and so forth. When you search Celia Vine on Google not only does the website come up on the first page, but so too do each of the social media URL’s Celia Vine owns. A win-win.

Fast forward nine and half years later. It is evident now more than ever that the only constant is CHANGE. While I love that Celia Vine comes up first on Google search, the original Celia Vine Marketing strategy is not key to who our company is today. Celia Vine has grown and developed into a niche marketing communications agency that provides a suite of services to our clients, often serving as extension to and/or as their de facto marketing department. A very small and all-remote team, we are very focused on our clients and getting their stories heard – we are focused on their growth just as much as they are! That said, a name change seemed evident. One that could better represent who we are today, the growth we have achieved, and the growth we have achieved for our clients. Let me introduce RISE Marketing!


What the future holds with RISE Marketing…

RISE Marketing, specializing in B2B, provides a full suite of marketing communications services that help our clients elevate their brand visibility and increase business development opportunities consistently and cohesively. Services include content marketing, public relations, creative design, advertising, web development and design, event production, social media, and digital campaign strategy.

Now that you know what we do, let me tell you a little bit about our team! Our team is not only collaborative and dedicated to our work, but we all possess a ‘roll up your sleeves’ and get-it-done motto, all while having fun! As I mentioned, we each work remotely, but that does not stop us from working alongside one another throughout the day using Skype IM and calls, Zoom video conferences, project management tools, and more. Technology has made it such that I can attest the we, as a team, are consistently connected! That technology then carries over to how we successfully provide swift and collaborative services to our clients.

I am very excited for the work that Celia Vine Marketing has done over the last nine and half years, but more than ever before, I am excited for the company’s growth as RISE Marketing! With a solid, experienced team in place, a new brand name, and nothing but opportunity ahead of us – I look forward to what the future holds.

See first-hand examples of the type of work that our team has produced by clicking here and please feel free to contact us to begin the conversation of how we can support and elevate your marketing efforts! We would love to discuss how our capabilities can help you leverage marketing communications as a tool for growth and I am very excited for you to join our journey as the new RISE Marketing!


I look forward to working with you!

-Deanna Kennedy