I consider myself very fortunate to have crossed paths with two incredible women leaders in the media industry, Sarah Foss, senior vice president, strategic initiatives, FreeWheel and Brenda Hetrick, CRO, Matrix Solutions. Both of these women have not only served as mentors to me personally in my career, but they too are invested in advocating for positive change and growth in the media industry at-large. Whether it be through their direct roles, commitment to serve non-profit groups in the industry that support and empower others, or their drive and ability to share their vision for the future and how the industry, together, can do more!


Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet up with these two influential women in NYC, and for some very exciting reasons:

  1. One was to partake in the TechBae’s event being held at Google NYC. The TechBae founders hosted a panel of well-versed industry leaders in order to discuss “Intentional Beliefs: Exploring How to Leverage Our Diverse Backgrounds to Make Workplaces Stronger.” This was an incredibly enlightening topic and eye opening with regards to the work that still needs to be done in embracing and promoting more diverse workforces. This event was also the groups platform to unveil their new logo, designed by RISE Marketing!
  2. The second reason we were in NYC was to record the first Matrix Means Media podcast at Gotham Podcast Studios. Brenda, the host and interviewer of this new podcast series, had the opportunity to interview Sarah as her first guest! I was able to join the two of them for this recording, as RISE Marketing is helping to produce the podcast (yeah!). Although you may think I am biased, this podcast was a great one. Brenda walked us through how Sarah got her start in media and how she has made it to her current role today. The two talk AdTech: the good, the bad, and the ugly, and how automation will be key to moving the needle to advance the future of media advertising. Listen in to hear their refreshing viewpoints around what is and is not working in the media industry and what can be done to make things better.


If it had not been for Sarah Foss, I may not have started Celia Vine Marketing in 2010. If it had also not been for Sarah introducing me to Brenda, and now having worked with Brenda since 2011, RISE Marketing would not be the company it is today. I am fortunate to have had these two leaders in my corner, supporting me throughout my career and helping me get to where I am today. For them, I am forever grateful.


A huge shout out and thank you to Sarah Foss and Brenda Hetrick! Which leads me to ask you, throughout your career and professional growth, who’s in your corner?