Recently the TechBae group, a community focused on empowering women to succeed, reached out to RISE Marketing in search of a new logo. This group, founded just over a year ago by five women who hold executive roles in the technology field, aims to fill a void in connecting women who are technology professionals working in advertising, ad tech, and media industries. Throughout their first year, the group has made tremendous strides in laying a profound foundation and strong platform from which they are now ready to springboard off of; thus creating the need for a new logo which will help them communicate the growth they have achieved already and the path they strive to continue moving forward on.

Having shared who they are, their mission, and their vision for the road ahead – RISE Marketing had the opportunity to work on several concepts that would provide a solid visual representation for who the group is and what they represent, holistically.

TechBae logo

The group had pre-selected royal blue as their chosen primary ‘power’ color. The hash marks within the bottom line are representative of each of the five founding members, while the three tiered lines are symbolic of the varying career levels (entry, mid, and senior) that the group aims to support and empower. One could even say these lines represent how the group aims to lift up it’s members and their careers, as depicted in the logo, elevating the ‘Baes’ of the collective TechBae group.

RISE Marketing is excited to have successfully executed the vision of the group to create their new official logo! The logo made its debut last night at the TechBae’s 2020 event, ‘Intentional Beliefs’, sponsored by Google Ad Manager. Here are a few of the candids from the event.