It was ten years ago when RISE Marketing started out. During that time, though, it operated as Celia Vine. It was one person serving, primarily, as a PR role for a small customer-base. Now, fast forward ten years and RISE Marketing has drastically evolved. Through various changes in team size and locations, we have landed at our current ‘sweet spot’. We are a collaborative three-person, all remote team of marketing professionals. Our expertise lies in services that now extend from event production to podcast producing- and everything in between and we value the importance of staying true to a smaller customer base, only now in a bigger and more impactful way.


How did we get here? It’s two-fold.


1.) The content made me do it:

One could argue that content is king. From its initial roots through today, RISE Marketing has never lost sight of its focus on quality and impactful content to help our clients’ stories be heard. No matter the message or medium, we embrace responsibilities such as:

  • a public relations role
  • creating a content marketing campaign that spans multiple platforms
  • producing an industry-leading annual event
  • or executing internal communications plans that evangelize brand ambassadors from within

Initially only offering public relations services was not only limiting to our clients. It was limiting to us as a company. We have since branched out from our roots in a cohesive way. Though, all the while continuing to deliver the highest level of service that we back by tangible value. We believe in doing things to get results! Not because that is the way they have always been done. Many times that requires thinking outside of the box and evolving beyond what you are known for. Self-publishing became more pertinent with the growth of social media and blogging, allowing the reach to targeted audiences to be more attainable. Therefore, innovative content distribution became the critical means to the new marketing agency. RISE Marketing was eager to tackle that challenge and continues to push our out-of-the-box thinking today.


2.) We filled the marketing department void, sometimes even becoming the de facto marketing department for our clients:

For many years, we often served as an extension to our client’s marketing departments. We worked with them to create and execute specified public relations services on a project by project-basis. These projects were done above and beyond their normal marketing activities and accented their goals and strategies. After that, we moved from project basis agreements to monthly marketing retainer agreements. Now we could still deliver those core PR services but in a more routine and coordinated fashion. This shift allowed us to better execute the company’s strategic deliverables as a whole. We were also able to get to know our client’s business better and gain a deeper understanding of their day-to-day strategies; allowing us to become a more valuable and trusted partner.

Our fresh eyes into their business helped us identify areas for growth from an outside perspective. We took on those projects, utilizing our own teams’ experience and expertise, and proved that our team was capable of handling any and all of the marketing responsibilities. The progression naturally expanded our services beyond PR in a way that was strategic and deliberate across all marketing touchpoints. Our service expanded to include email marketing, advertising, website management and development, event planning, podcast production, social media strategy and execution, and more.


We take pride in working with a smaller customer base. It enables us to keep a focused mind share on our valued clients. Our team is extremely nimble and incredibly responsive – giving our clients the attention-to-detail they need and the results they deserve. Reach out to us today so you too can benefit from our focused and vast experience so you can RISE with us!