These days, it can easily be a blog-eat-blog world out there. When it comes to your company’s website, having all old blog posts without even somewhat current content can give the visitor the wrong perception. It can give the feel that your business is…well…not current- or even worse, not legit. In the current world of influencers, social media reach, the power of reviews, and the strength with which a company’s mission and values impact decision making- a continuing flow of original relevant content through blogging is key in consistently reaching and connecting with your audience.


Common Perception and Practices

When you ask someone what they think of when they think of blogging you will likely get varied responses. For the most part, though, the common perception is that it’s content from the personal tone. Stay at home mothers who share their families stories along with delicious recipes. The fitness fanatic who brings their followers on their workout journey. The how-to gurus who give their audience the quick-fixes they need. People are visiting their sites and social media channels in droves! It is very common for brands to send materials to bloggers in the hope that they will review or mention their products to their (very dedicated) audience – that audience that the blogger has built trust with and developed such a strong virtual relationship with. Most bloggers are even monetizing their sites through ad spaces and cross-promoting with other bloggers as well, only increasing their audience reach.


Fully Harnessing Your Original Content

We have currently written about the centrifugal force of content marketing, so blogging is the natural next step. Once you create the content, it can be shared over numerous channels, ensuring it reaches that masses. A single piece of content can live a long digital life.


The process of creating consistent original content does not have to be a daunting process. You do not need to spend hours writing hundreds of words to constitute a successful blog. The key is quality over quantity- engaging content is more valuable to your company over lots of content. When creating a content strategy, you can utilize social media posts to elaborate on the message, feature pages or specific information on your website, develop various series about your company itself to introduce your departments or employees, recap industry events…. the list goes on! What’s most important- post consistently! Weekly, monthly, biweekly… outline content ideas and plan the frequency that makes the most sense for your company- and stick to it!


You can save time by installing a widget or plug-in to sync your social accounts to display each new blog post directly from your website. You can also utilize social media posting platforms such as Hootsuite to save time with an all-for-one approach. This way you ensure that you always have fresh content, showing the viewer that your engaged and relevant.


As we know, content is key… but so is consistency! If you need a fresh set of eyes on your content to help plan out the strongest content marketing plan to keep your company image fresh, reach out to RISE Marketing!