Celia Vine engaged with a client one month prior to their big tradeshow event to create and implement an advertising campaign that articulated their distinct value proposition, positioned their brand as innovative, and garnered high-visibility for their up and coming tradeshow event. Celia Vine was able to quickly and efficiently:

  • Produce an ad that conveyed innovation and differentiated their brand in the market
  • Execute campaign leading up to tradeshow to drive visibility for the client while at the show
  • Brand awareness and tradeshow ‘booth’ attendance increased 25%


When it comes to maximizing your ad dollar spend, it’s critical that your message and accompanying visuals are effective and cohesive.

In developing an effective advertising campaign we understand the importance of a strong call to action. In one of our digital advertising campaigns, we created a concept: ‘Why is ::our client:: so Sweet’ with a click to find out Call-to-Action– relying on the visual of a whoopie pie to allude to how our client serves as the metaphorical ‘sweet cream filling’ between both advertising agencies and broadcast destinations. The ads, which were displayed on an industry publication’s website and e-newsletters, got the attention the client was looking for and when viewers clicked through, we had developed a landing page that allowed them more real estate to tell why the were so sweet with an even greater call to action. We were also able to leverage the campaign with a list of 30 reasons why our client was so sweet – posting new content every day for a month.